The CLUCM mark is the symbol of excellence in Risk Management & Insurance. It represents the highest achievement within the Risk Management profession and is a symbol worthy of pride, acknowledgement and promotion to your clients as well as the general community.

CLUCM Practitioner Member
To apply for the Certified Life UnderwriterCM  (CLUCM) designation the following criteria need to be met:

  1. Hold and maintain Association Practitioner Member status and attain 60 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) over a two-year period, with a minimum 30 hours in relevant structured learning and the balance of hours either structured or unstructured CPD. Two hours of CPD per year must be in ethics.
  2. Evidence three years sector experience as a financial adviser in risk management and insurance.
  3. Complete twelve months Supervised Experience under a fellow CLUCM Practitioner Member (or submit a Portfolio of Experience from the previous three years).
  4. Complete an approved Post-Graduate Diploma or Undergraduate Degree with a major in Personal Risk Management equivalent to NZQA Level 7 or higher.
  5. Have a satisfactory ethics record and training, and have appropriate regulatory status.
  6. Successful complete a final assessment – set by the Association’s Certification Committee.

CLUCM and    are registered certification marks owned by Financial Advice New Zealand Inc for use in financial services sector in New Zealand.

Symbols of excellence in financial planning and risk management, the CFP CM and CLU CM Certification Marks represent the highest achievement within the profession.

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