Symbols of excellence in financial planning and risk management, the CFPCMand CLUCM Certification designations represent the highest achievement within the profession.


Professional do for me?

When it comes to understanding the intricacies of financial advice and ever-changing rules and regulations, you might need help from a professional.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM professional can make a positive difference to your financial future. They will help you understand your financial situation, develop a strategy and give you guidance on things such as funding your children’s education, helping with budgeting and taxation issues, having enough money to live comfortably in your retirement, insurance, estate planning and so on.

It’s all about helping you set your goals and devising a plan to give you the confidence that your financial future is secure. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM professional can give you the peace of mind and security that comes with being prepared for the future.


Professional do for me?

Risk management using insurance products can be simple or complex depending on your individual circumstances. Having good advice is imperative if you are to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

A CERTIFIED LIFE UNDERWRITERCM and Chartered Life Underwriter professional can identify and explain how personal insurance can play a part in protecting your financial future. They can assess current coverage and help you develop an appropriate strategy to protect your family, business and financial objectives; discuss your options; quantify potential insurance needs; and oversee any recommended changes. The present value of future financial goals and/or obligations is a good starting point when it comes to quantifying cover needs.

While it is important to set your goals and develop a plan to achieve these over time, it is even more important that these goals can still be achieved should something go wrong along the journey. A CLUCM professional can give you the peace of mind and security that comes with being prepared for adverse events along the way.