Trusted Adviser Financial Advice New Zealand

The Trusted Adviser mark is awarded to those Financial Advice NZ members who show they have committed to qualifications and continuing professional development obligations at a level higher than that required by New Zealand law and code.

Click here to view the list of members who have already been awarded the Trusted Adviser mark.

Now that the AFA and RFA designations have disappeared, qualifying Financial Advice NZ members will have this new designation to show the public that their high level of qualification, experience and ethics has been recognised by a professional body.

Benefits of using the Trusted Adviser mark
– Provides a way to differentiate yourself in the market now that the designations RFA and AFA are no longer in use.
– Shows your competence, professionalism and ethical focus.
– Gives you added credibility.
– Visually shows your connection to a Professional Body.
– The mark supports increased trust between you and the public.

Along with those advisers that have already gained our highest pinnacle marks of CLUCM and CFPCM, those with the Trusted Adviser mark can differentiate themselves from the market. Applications are open now. You can read the Trusted Adviser Mark Guidelines here.

Trusted Adviser Criteria
Membership: Be a current financial member of Financial Advice NZ.
Education: Have a Level 5 qualification in Financial Services, including the relevant strands for the advice areas provided, or a higher qualification recognised by Financial Advice NZ.
Experience: Be a financial adviser currently providing regulated financial advice to retail clients and have been for at least the last three years.
Continued Professional Development: Maintain an annual Professional Development Plan and attain a minimum of 20 hours relevant structured CPD every year (two year log required for initial application).
Ethics: Attend an Association, or Association endorsed, Ethics in Financial Services three-hour workshop every three years 
Professional Indemnity: Be protected by appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance, as expected of a professional.
CFP/CLU professionals & Founding Member who were previously AFAs: For members who hold one of Financial Advice NZ’s pinnacle marks CLUCM or CFPCM, or who were an AFA prior to March 15 2021 and who have been a member since the launch of Financial Advice NZ in July 2018 –  we already know much of the information we need to confirm you meet the Trusted Adviser criteria therefore the application form below is reduced.

If the online application form doesn’t load – you can access it directly via this link

If you have any questions about the mark or this application form, please contact us,, Or call us on 0800 432 101