Constitution and Rules

At the AGM on 15 November 2021, the members of Financial Advice NZ voted to rescind the current Constitution and Bylaws and to replace it with a new Constitution and Rules. The new Constitution is being lodged with the Incorporated Societies registrar on the first trading day of January 2022 for immediate registration.

Until  the new Constitution is formally registered by the registrar, the current Constitution and Bylaws still apply.
Link to the pre 2022 Constitution and Bylaws

New Constitution & Rules 
New Constitution The Constitution is the founding governance document that directs the activities of Financial Advice NZ.

Member Rules (including CPD requirements) The process and criteria for joining and ongoing membership rights and obligations including professional development.

Member Meeting Rules The procedures for running Financial Advice NZ’s AGM and Special General Meetings.

Governance Rules The procedures for electing, appointing and removing Board members, and procedures for Board meetings and Board committees.

Certification Rules Detail the requirements to manage, attain and retain the Trusted Adviser, CLU and CFP marks.

Disciplinary and Complaints Rules The grounds and disciplinary process to be undertaken in the case of a complaint against a member.

Code of Ethics – Provides guidance on the standards of professional conduct members and consumers expect.

Practice Standards – Set the benchmark for the financial advisory profession in New Zealand. All members who provide regulated financial advice subscribe to the methodology embodied in these Practice Standards to the extent that they apply in any particular engagement.

Rules of Conduct – Draw upon the Code of Ethics and the Practice Standards. They are binding on members and may be used as the basis for disciplinary action. The Rules are not designed to be a basis for legal liability to any third party.