Financial Advice NZ encourages advisers in the financial planning advice area to join Financial Advice NZ and to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM Professional.

Review the criteria overview below if you are interested in becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional, please fill out this online form and we will contact you with more information.

If you hold a CFP mark from another country, this information sheet explains the process of obtaining the NZ CFP Mark.

Core criteria

– Have appropriate regulatory status (to enable you to provide financial advice in New Zealand)
– Have at least three years experience as a financial adviser covering all six areas of financial advice; financial management, asset & investment management, insurable risk management, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning.
– Have completed an approved Post-Graduate Diploma or Undergraduate Degree with a major in Personal Financial Planning (NZQA Level 7 or higher) or equivalent. Many applicants have one of the following, but other qualifications may qualify;
– Massey Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Financial Planning)
– Massey Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning and Advice)
– ARA Graduate Diploma in Personal Financial Planning
– ARA Bachelor of Applied Management in Personal Financial Planning
– Have a satisfactory ethics and training record

Join the CFPCM  Mark Pathway programme

– Become a member of Financial Advice NZ and apply to join the CFP Mark Pathway Programme
– (You can join the pathway programme while you satisfy the core criteria)
– Have your experience and qualifications approved by the Financial Advice NZ Certification Committee once completed
– Successfully complete 12 months approved supervision under a CFP Professional (or submit a Portfolio of Experience from the previous three years)
– Successfully complete a final assessment, currently the submission of a Comprehensive Financial Plan based on a Case Study issued by the Financial Advice NZ Certification Committee

Are you a student and not yet giving financial advice?

You can join Financial Advice NZ as a Student Associate for free while studying and learn more about the industry, engage with other financial advisers and gain the support you need to progress from student, to adviser, to becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional.

Want to join the CFP Mark Pathway Programme or get more information?

If you would like to be considered for the CFP Mark Pathway, or would like more information, please fill out this online form and we will be in touch to discuss your request.


CFPCM and   are registered certification marks and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM is a common law certification mark owned outside the U.S. by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. Financial Advice New Zealand is the marks licensing authority for the CFP Marks in New Zealand, through agreement with FPSB.


A symbol of excellence in financial planning the CFP CM Certification Mark represents the highest achievement within the profession.

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