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What you need to know about Mortgage Payments

Your mortgage instalments are required to be paid in regular instalments as detailed in your Loan Agreement.
If you find yourself unable to meet these payments because you have lost your job, this could be considered a situation of Financial Hardship, and it’s important to talk to your Bank to explain the circumstances and to discuss your options.

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Responding to COVID-19

One of the regular questions financial advisers have been getting since COVID-19 became a serious issue has been how insurance will respond. The short answer is, generally well. The not-so-short answer is that most policies will respond as intended, with a few exceptions.

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Insurance through life

Insurance has a role to play in most stages of our lives. But what we need when we’re young can be quite different to what’s required as an older person. Here’s a rough guide to what to think about, and when.

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