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Quality financial advice for your life

Helping Kiwis thrive

Quality advice for your financial life

Covid-19 update.

In these uncertain and challenging times caused by COVID-19, good quality financial advice is more important than ever. If you want to talk to a quality financial adviser, reach out to a Financial Advice NZ member today.

Financial Advice NZ is a professional membership organisation for financial advisers across all areas of advice such as lending, risk/insurance, KiwiSaver, investment, financial planning and more.

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Money Week Free Webinar Series

There has never been a more important time to consider your financial health, wealth and well-being. At a time like this, taking time to review your finances and ensure you are building financial resilience is fundamentally important to ensure you have financial security in the future.   

At different times in your life you will be looking at and assessing your different financial needs. These will involve planning and budgeting, savings and investing, buying a home, protecting your wealth, retirement, and protecting yourself. 

We are excited to bring to you a webinar series over Money Week to discuss different aspects of your financial wellbeing. These webinars are free and will be hosted by financial advisers. You will be able to ask questions through the chatroom and get answers to your questions. This will not be personalised advice rather guide you in the right direction for further consideration. 

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The value of advice

Be informed. Make good decisions. Be better off. In a nutshell, this is the value of advice.

Financial advice makes a real and positive difference to the lives of Kiwis everyday. Talking through your goals - and your concerns - with an expert, can make a tremendous difference to your financial life.

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Your Life

Covid19-Personal Insurance

Covid19-Personal Insurance

The impact of Covid19 on our health & economy will be wide-ranging, and many of you may be looking at your ability to cope financially and try to manage priorities in this stressful environment. One of those expenses is Insurance, and sometimes it’s the first expense to be considered for savings because we don’t see any current tangible benefit, but it’s important to prioritize what is most important for your family and consider the reasons you put insurance in place in the first place.

Your Wealth

KiwiSaver & Covid19

KiwiSaver & Covid19

The Economic disruption caused by the Covid19 virus has had significant impact on Investments around the world. Many of you will be concerned about your KiwiSaver balances falling, but unsure why this is the case.

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