“The Ethics course opened up our minds to several dilemmas we face and got me thinking on so many different matters that we face while dealing with our clients.  The 3 hours just flew by.” – Tanaz Siganporia, Financial Advice NZ Trusted Adviser and CFPCM professional

The Financial Advice Provider Monitoring Insights report released by the FMA in May 2024 brought into focus professional conduct and ethical behaviour throughout the advice engagement process.

As professionals, we strive to conduct ourselves with high standards but external pressures can make us fallible to ethical lapses. Increasing our understanding of how situations we find ourselves in can lead to bias is fundamental to being able to manage our ethical conduct.

The ethics workshop is facilitated by Jane Arnott, MNZM, Founder of Ethics Conversation. It explores the role of self-awareness, open-mindedness, and active listening in your client discussions to manage natural bias. It also looks at ethical dilemmas you are likely to encounter in your client engagements and workshop how you respond to these to maintain your professional standards.

The workshop is regularly updated with the latest case law and ethics research findings.

The Professional Ethics Workshop session covers: 

  • Business ethics fundamentals,
  • Conflicts of interest,
  • Bias and speaking up, along with an examination of risks, challenges and ethical dilemmas.

Jane Arnott has extensive experience in ethical governance. Her background includes over 15 years of research, writing and presentations in this field. She led the development of the Institute of Business Ethics in New Zealand and presents internationally in the field of ethics.

This course meets the biannual ethics CPD requirements for CFP cm and CLU cm professional designation and the Trusted Adviser designation.

Content Outline

This course delivers all three modules over three hours.  The professional ethics workshop is a core requirement to obtain the Financial Advice NZ Trusted Adviser designation.  Three hours of structured CPD will be awarded to your Financial Advice New Zealand log pending completion of a short questionnaire.  

Module 1

  • Introduction and learning outcomes
  • Setting the Context
  • Business ethics fundamentals, assumptions and importance
  • Trust and reputation
  • Your professional role and the Code of Professional Conduct
  • Where dilemmas can arise – values and beliefs
  • Interactive – ethical scenario(s)

Module 2

  • Introduction and learning outcomes
  • Ethical expectations within a client adviser relationship
  • The ethics of personality and tone
  • The impact of bias and selective preference
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Interactive – ethical scenario(s)



Module 3

  • Introduction and learning outcomes
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Third party relationships
  • Privacy and data – new issues on the horizon
  • Personal ethical goal setting
  • Interactive ethical scenario(s)
  • Post course completion test





Members $200 +gst  |  Non-members $300 +gst 

Each course is limited to 20 registrations. A course may be rescheduled if we do not achieve a minimum number of registrants. Webinar links will only be sent to those who have pre-paid by bank transfer, credit card (fee applies), or have arranged a direct debit payment.

Presenter – Jane Arnott, Director of The Ethics Conversation

Jane provides strategic advice to companies and professional membership organisations looking to amplify their application of ethical principles.

Her professional ethics training sessions bring to light the complexity of applying ethics to everyday business thinking. Her belief is that by engaging with ethics conversations reputations can be enhanced and ethical lapses averted.

Jane was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queens Birthday Honours, June 2021.

Previously, as Associate for the UK-based Institute of Business Ethics (IBE), a role she held for over ten years, Jane delivered business ethics training and ran workshops for senior management teams. Her focus on the finance and banking sector was consistent throughout this tenure. Jane researched and co authored the IBE (International Business Ethics) publication ‘Setting the Tone: a New Zealand Perspective Ethical Business Leadership,’ the first IBE publication dedicated to the New Zealand business community. 

Along with her conference presentations in both NZ and abroad, Jane continues to amass insights and develop the global ethics networks that inform her work.

Jane has worked in CEO, executive director and senior management positions across a range of sectors.