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We stand for quality advice and advisers and a commitment to high professional standards. In early 2019 we’ll be launching our Quality Service Mark – a trusted mark of distinction for advisers and Kiwis.


We’re dedicated to influencing policy so that more New Zealanders can benefit from the value of advice, and so that advisers are well supported in providing this crucial service and sharing their expertise.


Quality advice changes lives for the better. We’re dedicated to helping more New Zealanders understand what good advice is, how to find it, and what they should expect from a quality adviser.

The Latest from Money Talk

Your Life

How are you protecting your life?

How are you protecting your life?

If you passed away suddenly or suffered an illness or injury that prevented you from working, how would your family fare financially? Furthermore, how do you protect your family when you’re no longer there or unable to provide for them?

Good Advice

Steps on how to reach your financial goals

Steps on how to reach your financial goals

Making good financial decisions now will determine how well you can provide for yourself and your family in the future. It’s therefore vital that you have a good handle on your financial situation and seek help that is tailored specifically to the needs of you and your family.

Your Wealth

Balancing act of savings and investments

Balancing act of savings and investments

When will your investment reach a peak or take a dive? It’s impossible to predict, as no one knows how markets will perform. To ensure you’re not over exposed to risk but not to miss out on growth, the key to successful investing is diversification.