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Financial Advice New Zealand was founded with change on-the-mind and a single-minded purpose: To help Kiwis, and New Zealand as a whole, be financially better-off. Read more…


Our Commitment to you


Our commitment to you is this: we will work tirelessly to help build a thriving future for financial advice. An environment that understands and supports what you need as an adviser, and a New Zealand in which getting advice is a given – a tool for life that Kiwis naturally look to.

As your professional body, you can count on us to champion the role of quality advice, and you – the individual that helps Kiwis thrive. You can count on us to invigorate pride and trust in your profession, and to drive widespread awareness of the value you offer. You can count on us to help you navigate the changing environment – be that regulatory change or technological advances.

As a member of Financial Advice New Zealand, amongst many benefits, you’re part of an association that’s constantly out in the public informing Kiwis about quality advice; you stand out from the crowd as an adviser committed to quality advice and good outcomes for Kiwis; you’re supported by a decisive and active voice that advocates for your needs and always seeks opportunities to make a positive difference.


Empowering clients through plain language

Author Katrina Shanks, CEO Financial Advice NZ. Article originally published in OPINION: Recently, I stumbled upon the ‘De-jargoning Money’ guide, a new initiative by Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission, aimed at encouraging financial service...

Advocacy Update: Final regulations on CoFI released

MoBIE recently released its final regulations on CoFI, and in particular, the sales incentives regulations. Financial Advice New Zealand had significant concerns regarding the unintended consequences on the sector and how a FAP could remunerate its advisers. We have...


Financial Advice NZ Award Winners Announced at 2024 THRIVE Conference

 In the world of financial services, excellence is not just a goal, but a standard upheld by those who go above and beyond in their dedication, hard work, and impact. At Financial Advice New Zealand, we take pride in recognising individuals who exemplify this spirit...


Together, we’ll build public confidence and trust in financial advice. Our members will be known as trusted advisers, committed to quality standards and advice.


We’re your voice and advocate. We’re dedicated to a fundamental goal: to build the best framework that supports you in providing quality advice to more New Zealanders.


Through both promotion and public discussion, we’ll actively and consistently drive awareness of the value of advice and the role our members play in helping Kiwis thrive.

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