Your all-in-one solution for continued professional development (CPD) for financial advice professionals

A modern and dynamic learning management system has been customised specifically for the needs of financial advice providers and financial advisers.

What We Offer

We’re thrilled to announce that from April 2023, our members can sign up to Ontrack by Kaplan Professional for their continued professional development. This modern and dynamic learning management system has been customised specifically for the needs of financial advice providers and financial advisers. It provides our members with an effective solution to the new regime’s compliance obligations for continued professional development and record keeping.


Current and timely CPD content released twice a month via interactive digital modules 

Content Library

Purpose-built content library with high-quality, original and unbiased technical content 


Wide variety of multimedia formats such as podcasts, videos and micro-learning pieces 

CPD logs

Sophisticated recording, tracking and monitoring tools to maintain precise CPD logs 


Set multiple training plans for a 12-month professional development plan 

For FAP's

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting capability to FAPs/groups and individual advisers 


FAPs’ ability to add bespoke content and requirements to their members 

Tools and Webinars

Access to all Financial Advice NZ webinars and tools 

Up to date

Information on relevant product providers’ courses 

This is a great solution if there are more than two financial advisers in your FAP.

Register to see the benefits on how to use OnTrack.

FAQs about CPD and the new LMS Ontrack by Kaplan Professional

Q: What happens if I don’t sign up for Kaplan? 
A: You will still receive CPD certificates for Financial Advice New Zealand run events via email within 10 working days of the event. However, we will no longer be logging your CPD hours and you will need to self-record these moving forward. For those who are using Ontrack, certificates will not be emailed as you can run a report within the platform that details your CPD hours. If you would still like to receive a CPD certificate for Financial Advice run events, please specify on the registration form.

Q: Can I still access my CPD log 
A: If you’re signed up with Kaplan Professional, CPD logs will move across to Ontrack, but there will be a slight delay while they get everyone set up. If you’re not on Ontrack, email for your CPD log.

Q: Can I still watch recordings of webinars? 
A: Yes, recordings will still be in the same place on the website, but those on the Kaplan programme will also be able to watch recordings of webinars via the Ontrack platform. Live Financial Advice NZ webinars are still viewed via the Zoom link as normal.

Q: Do I need to self-record if I watch a webinar recording? 
A: If you are not on Ontrack, yes, you will need to record details of this unstructured learning on your own CPD log. If you watch a webinar recording on Ontrack, this unstructured CPD will automatically be recorded onto your log. However, if you watch a webinar recording through the Financial Advice NZ member portal, you will need to self-record this in Ontrack, so it’s best to watch webinar recordings on the new LMS moving forward. As above, live webinars are still viewed via the Zoom link as normal and for those using Ontrack, certificates will be accessed from within the platform, or emailed to you within 10 working days if you are not using Ontrack.

Q: How do I sign up for Ontrack by Kaplan Professional? 
A: There are limited places for the first release of the LMS. Register here to get started.

Q: When will I get my login details for Ontrack? 
A: You should receive your login details via email from Kaplan within 10 working days of registering for Ontrack. However, many people receive these within a week. If you have not received your login details, or your login has expired, email to be sent a new login. 

Q: How does Ontrack work? 
A: Kaplan Professional will provide you with all user information and can set up company training if required. Watch the training webinar on how to use Ontrack via the webinar library on our members’ site. If you still have questions, please email

Q: How much does Ontrack cost? 
A:  For 2023, the new Ontrack professional development programme is complimentary as part of your membership. There are limited places for the first release of the LMS, and users that are not active will be removed. Depending on usage and uptake, there may be a fee next year and in subsequent years.

Q: I’m having trouble using Kaplan, can you help? 
A: Please contact Kaplan Professional support directly via or phone 0800 859 849 and select option 3. 

For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re happy to help.