About Us

Financial Advice New Zealand was founded with a single-minded purpose: To help New Zealanders, and New Zealand as a whole, be financially better-off.

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Financial Advice New Zealand is committed to supporting financial advisers, advocating for the financial services sector and helping New Zealanders understand the importance of quality advice. We offer the following resources for both members and non-members.

– Professional events and courses, including the Bring in the Experts webinar series.
– A peer-to-peer support service
– A Locum peer-to-peer locum adviser service

Membership of Financial Advice New Zealand

In addition to the above resources, membership provides fantastic benefits such as:

– Resources and guidance on regulatory obligations and licensing options
– Access to discounted Group Life and TPD insurance
– Access to a tailored and comprehensive Professional Liability Programme
– Weekly newsletters highlighting key industry issues and reports
– Access to internationally recognised certifications for insurance and financial planning
– Access to independent research
– A voice with legislators, regulators and officials
– Input into policy development for the financial services sector

Businesses have the option to join as Corporate Associates and help shape our advocacy and research through the Corporate Associates Forum.

Business Partnership Programme

Financial Advice New Zealand operates a Business Partnership Programme to assist in resourcing projects that will benefit both the financial services sector and the public, with the aim of promoting the value of financial advice, informing legislators and regulators, encouraging new talent into the sector and lifting standards for the sector.

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We stand for quality advice and advisers and a commitment to high professional standards. Our Trusted Adviser mark is a symbol of quality, professionalism and competence.


We’re dedicated to influencing policy so that more New Zealanders can benefit from the value of advice, and so that advisers are well supported in providing this crucial service and sharing their expertise.


Quality advice changes lives for the better. We’re dedicated to helping more New Zealanders understand what good advice is, how to find it, and what they should expect from a quality adviser.