Your Financial Journey


It’s never too early (or too late) to think about your financial well-being. Wherever you are on your financial journey, getting the right advice will help you on your way. The articles below provide some food for thought. They’ll help you decide what kind of advice you may need and assist you in preparing for discussions with an adviser. Browse articles by category below, or use the search bar to find all articles on a topic.

Starting out

Maybe you’ve just landed your first job and need to choose a KiwiSaver provider. Perhaps you need a loan to buy a car or start a business. You may have entered a new relationship or started saving for your first home.

Getting ahead

Now that you’re earning some money, you’re thinking about how to protect and grow your wealth. What’s important to you? How to balance saving and spending? You might be considering the best way to manage your mortgage.

Growing family

With a growing family comes growing expenses - household budgeting may be a priority. You’re probably thinking about how to protect your assets and your family’s financial security, while ensuring you have the means to enjoy quality experiences with your family.

Approaching retirement

How much will you need for retirement and how is your KiwiSaver balance looking? Maybe your insurance requirements have changed. Perhaps you are downsizing and thinking about how you will manage your investments.


Ideally you want to enjoy retirement without money worries. You are probably thinking about how you will spend your money, and how to ensure you have access to it when you need it. Do you still need all your insurances?

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