Whether it’s shares, managed funds or even property it can be difficult to navigate what investment is the best option for you. We all have different risk profiles depending on our age, stage and circumstances in life.  We have Certified Financial Planner Professional Paul Sewell joining us on this webinar and he will give you a highlight on the different options which are available for you.

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Paul Sewell, is an Authorised Financial Adviser and a Certified Financial PlannerCM . He is Director and shareholder of Financial Advice Hawkes Bay Ltd based in his home town of Napier. His financial services career began in New Zealand in banking. He then practiced as a Financial Adviser whilst living in the United Kingdom.  On returning to New Zealand, he continued as a Financial Adviser based in Wellington and gained extensive experience in Financial Planning.  He was a regular presenter to Financial Advisers at conferences and professional development days on financial planning matters.