Brett Roberts

Brett loves to provoke thought about disruptive technologies and their impact on your business. He is passionate about utilising digital technologies to transform customer experiences and drive innovation and change.  He will provoke you  to think about the impact our constantly changing digital world is already having on the world of business and beyond. What might this means for your business – customers, colleagues, workplaces and global  environment? How can you seize the opportunity and leverage this change?  

Brett is an entrepreneurial and innovative individual with a knack for ‘joining the dots’ to provide insight, identify opportunities and deal with challenges. He believes in the importance of a clear future vision, amazing customer experiences and that an organisation’s people, culture and agility are its only real, long-term competitive advantages. He has 20+ years in a wide variety of tech sector roles including digital agency CEO, CTO and Director of Innovation for Microsoft NZ, consulting, enterprise and SME sales, customer experience transformation, marketing, commercialisation, government relations, PR & communications and advising start-up companies.