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8 March – 22 May

Conference 2019

Conference is the annual ‘meeting of minds’ and this year we’ve secured international motivation keynotes with highly-diverse backgrounds, we’ve engaged ICEHOUSE TM to bring their own brand of expertise and flare to conference and importantly to support our new advisers we’ve a specially designed boot-camp. We’ve worked hard to gather our sponsors and exhibitors into an interactive and social space to re-connect them with you and learn what they have on offer. Conference is ultimately about you. To engage, motivate and energise you – we are looking forward to our two days together – Be Brave! Be Bold!


We’re very excited to bring this new concept to conference. ICEHOUSE TM has the vision of unlocking the potential of New Zealand business owners and entrepreneurs. The future of financial service is full of promise and challenge. We believe their skills and knowledge can unleash your potential and lift the capabilities and aspirations of advisers and owners. Be brave be bold!

Thursday 22nd August
1pm Plenary & 3pm Icehouse Training (Four concurrent sessions)

Advice Workshops

Friday 23rd August @ 9am

We’ve four advice disciplines across our membership – and we’ve been scanning the financial services sector and asking the Lending, Insurance, Investment and Financial Planning Member Advisory Committees what subjects are relevant and topical this year.  We pleased to bring you these four ninety-minute advice workshops and panels.

Lending Advice Workshop

Playing the lending long game


‘Playing the Long Game’ is an interactive workshop that will provide clear guidance and a pathway to build your enterprise value, increase profitability and establish your point of difference in a crowded market. Drawing from his own experience Stuart Donaldson will share knowledge of how successful mortgage brokers have prevailed in the Australian environment post the Royal Commission and what action they took in advance to bullet proof their business.  This is a high-touch, hands on workshop that will explore the business model of the future, one that is profitable, highly productive, with a loyal client base and a diverse offering.

Insurance Advice Workshop

Opportunities in insurance


In this workshop our presenter will scan the current insurance environment across Australasia and discuss the emerging opportunities that change presents.  We take an in-depth look at the fundamentals of personal risk advice and emerging business and advice models that are profitable, sustainable and strongly connect you to your clients.  Our presenter with a wealth of experience and success, will look at strategies to re-energise, revitalise and grow your risk business and ensure your clients, their families and businesses have you as their key adviser in their wealth protection plan.


Investment Advice Workshop

ESG investing, analytics vs hype


The global ESG movement seeks a corporate world economy that is more just and sustainable.  Responsible investing has become main stream as consumers and investment institutions have recognized the importance of taking a more responsible approach.   The panel covers responsible investing and ESG funds, enhancing portfolio returns through ESG, options in New Zealand and a practical guide as to how advisers can incorporate RI into the advice process and client portfolios.  The panel aims to cut through hype to really understand ‘green’ investments, recognising that investment decisions – socially responsible or otherwise – need to be based on sound analytics.

Financial Planning Workshop

Tax matters home and abroad


Terry Baucher tax consultant takes financial planners in a world tour of tax issues that may surprise and event catch out your clients, and providers a refresher on some of the key tax issues advisers need to be aware of.  Terry then leads a panel discussion on the tax working group’s recommendations, how they are developing in 2019 and the implications for investors, investment structures and asset classes across New Zealand. Join us in this interactive session and informed debate and hear from the experts the likely landscape of tax reforms.

New Advisers Bootcamp

Are you an aspiring, new to the industry adviser? This practical session will outline what new advisers can expect in the foundation years and equip you with the fundamentals to steer a pathway to a successful, sustainable and valuable business. Bootcamp will cover; building business muscle, critical challenges and success factors, productivity, sales and marketing goal setting, sources of growth, how to ‘fast track’ and the challenges of expansion. You will gain practical insights into what actions others have taken, and what is the path of least resistance to deliver you the best outcomes.

Thursday 22nd August
3pm Bootcamp hosted by Stuart Donaldson

Business Sessions

Friday 23rd August @ 11am

We’re excited to bring you six business sessions with very diverse topics and speakers, two high-level conversations on conduct and client-care and governance, and two practical sessions on the know-how of implementing systems for the new regime and applications in fintech.  We’ve two sessions on building your skills and knowledge when dealing with modern families and vulnerable clients – enjoy.

Conduct & Client Care

Great expectations


Our panel will reflect and comment on the outcomes and recommendations of the Australian Royal Commission, the recent FMA and NZ Reserve Bank reports and reviews – and the discuss the enduring and emerging expectations for financial advisers and their conduct and client-care and what really matters.


Effective governance for SMEs


Recent FMA and Reserve Bank reports highlight the need for good governance across the financial services sector.  Governance can be an area that small and mid-sized advice businesses struggle to effectively implement. Our presenter will discuss director’s duties under the new financial markets legislation and outline the requirements for governance leadership especially for SME’s in the financial services sector.


Soft Skills

Successful conversations with vulnerable clients


Advisers are in privileged positions of trust and are well placed to assist clients in major life decisions.  In this session the presenter explores the communication techniques and ways to connect with your clients in a way that uncovers the core issues and influences their decisions to achieve outstanding client results. The session will take case studies that advisers may face with their vulnerable clients and explore some of the skills and techniques you may employ to build your confidence in meeting the needs of your clients.

Estate Planning

Law and modern families


In this session Stephanie Paxton-Penman identifies key client needs and risks to negotiate the waters of modern relationships and blended families. Like you the adviser, Stephanie helps people navigate the storms of being a grown up and reaching calmer waters – whether this is in their personal or business lives.  Stephanie is passionate about the law and will discuss the vital aspects of estate planning structures as they relate to modern families and how to ensure the best solutions for your clients.


Systems and stories of success


The new licenced regime is coming!  Come and hear what sector players have done (or have planned) to implement new and compliant advice-processes that meet the requirements of the legislative reforms and licenced regime.  The assembled panel reflects the diversity of contributors in the compliance sector; system designers and compliance personnel from larger corporates, financial advice support firms, people within integrated-advice companies with branch networks and compliance experts for single-adviser practices.


More to Come

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