Nominations for Member Advisory Committee (MACs)

December 3, 2019

Board Request
The Board asks all Members to consider this voluntary professional service. The appointments are determined by the Board, are for a term of two years and the Board have the ability to reappoint existing MAC members for another term. Expressions of interest are open until the 2nd March 2020 with appointments being announced on 1 April 2020.

Purpose and Role
The four MACs provide invaluable practitioner insight and expertise across the lending, insurance, investment and financial planning advice fields. With the input of the MACs the Association takes into account the viewpoint of members to drive constructive outcomes for our members and ensure access to quality advice for the New Zealand public.

Desirable Skills and Experience
a) Ability to identify and articulate the strategic issues and solutions of your advice sector.
b) Particular knowledge of the application of standards in the advice process.
c) Experience in governance and management in the financial services sector.

Commitment Required
The MACs meet online on a monthly basis and when necessary may be required to meet more regularly. The work programme is a mix of both proactive and reactive initiatives depending on the environmental issues in the sector.

If you would like to express your interest on being appointed to aMAC please indicate your availability by sending CEO Katrina Shanks an email outlining your skills and experience or if you need further details please do not hesitate to contact Katrina directly on or 021 474 010.