Trusted Adviser mark update

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Congratulations to the advisers below who are the first to be awarded the Financial Advice NZ Trusted Adviser mark.

The Trusted Adviser mark is awarded to those Financial Advice NZ members who show they have committed to qualifications and continuing professional development obligations at a level higher than that required by New Zealand law and code.  Along with those advisers that have already gained our highest pinnacle marks of CLUCM and CFPCM, those with the Trusted Adviser mark can use this mark to differentiate themselves in the market.

Applications are open now so qualifying advisers can have the Trusted Adviser mark ready before the March 15 2021 new regime. Once you have been awarded the Trusted Adviser mark you can use the mark immediately.  Join these advisers by reviewing the criteria and applying today .

Current members who have been awarded the Trusted Adviser mark

Roger Adams, Kathryn Alborough, Michael Allen, Mark Allison, Philip Armstrong, Vaughan Atkin, Stuart Auld, Colin Austin, Stuart Baddeley, Sonnie Bailey, Kerstin Bain, Lynette Ball, John Bamford, John Barber, Alistair Bean, Wayne Becker, Richard Bennett, Stephen Benton, Jane Benton, Susan Billing, Rachelle Bland, Derek Blank, Wayne Blomfield, Stephen Booth, Alan Borthwick, Aaron Bowkett, Donald Broad, John Broad, Fiona Browne, Andrew Brydon, Jared Campbell, Roxanne Carlsen, Paul Carrick, David Carter, Bree Catterall, Tony Chamberlain, Andrew Charles, Huirong Chen, Yun-Sung Chiou, Carey Church, Peter Church, Elizabeth Clark, Amanda Cleaver, Patrick Clemenger, Mel Cook, Craig Coupland, Marcus Cranfield, Jenny de Boer, Barbara-Lee Dickson, Andrew Doak, Rhodes Donald, Michael Dowling, Pierre du Preez, Dennis Edel, Tina Evans, Wilhelmina Eveleens, Timothy Fairbrother, Carissa Fairbrother, Stephen Fitzjohn, Ross Frater, Paul Fuller, Michael Gallagher, Roger Gannon, Jordi Garcia, Andrew Garner, Thomas Gilbert, Tanya Gilchrist, Maree Gordon, Dennis Green, Mark Green, Gareth Grey, Jenny Griffith, David Gumbley, Shelley Hanna, Cyril Hart, Scott Haumaha, Peter Hawes, Kirk Hawkins, Christine Hay, Michael Hayes, George Hill, Richard Holden, Rosemary Hopcroft, Nicole Hoy, Mark Hubber, Patricia Iversen-Tuck, Michael Jensen, Hus Jeram, Douglas Johns, Fiona Judd, Mario Juran, Dennis Keall, Lance Keall, Fiona Keenan, Anthony Kelly, Andrew Kerr, Keith Kietzmann, Paul Kirschberg, Sam Kodi, Elizabeth Koh, Steven Lawton, Michael Lay, Peter Leitch, Bryan Leith, Glyn Lewis-Jones, Wei Liang, Forest Liu, Martin Lubransky, Lester Luey, Christopher MacKay, Christopher Maisey, Juliet Manning, Ann-Marie Martyn, David McBrearty, Richard McCormick, Stephen McFarlane, Michele McGaughran, Gregory McGlynn, Douglas McKeown, Hamish McPhail, Anne Merrifield, John Milner, Gary Morgan, Ann Morrell, Anthony Munro, Yunus Musa, Janet Natta, Jonathan Neal, Stephen O’Connor, Mark O’Donnell, Stephen Oliver, Charlene Overell, Shai Patel, Mark Patton, Sunil Prakash, Bryce Pratt, Marc Proctor, Mark Pullar, John Rademakers, Nick Randle, Alun Rees-Williams, Peter Reilly, David Rendell, Richard Renfrew, Sue Richards, Peter Rickards, Annabel Riley, John Robertson, Craig Roebuck, Andreas Schlaffer, Paul Sewell, Shameema Shameem, Michael Shears, Ross Sheerin, Tanaz Siganporia, Vinod Singh, Karen Smart, Selwyn Smith, Fiona Smith, Rodger Spiller, Mark Steedman, Timothy Stevenson, Malcolm Stewart, Nathan Stewart, Susan Stewart, Adam Stewart, Scott Stokes, Warren Storm, Simon Stredder, Bruce Street, Katrina Studholme, Carolyn Tapley, Nigel Tate, Lynda Taylor, Ben Thomas, Jeff Tobin, Emily Tsai, Guy Turner, Stephen Tutbury, Grant Uridge, Ross Valentine, Hans van der Wilt, Andrew Verrall, Ian Walden, Norm Waldon, Peter Walker, Anthony Walker, Peter Wannan, Stephen Wescombe, Peter West, Glenn Wheeler, Christopher White, Athol Williamson, Paul Wilson, John Wood, Kathy Wright-St Clair, Adrienne Zwarts.

There are also a number of RFAs and new member AFAs whose application is pending, awaiting completion of the ethics workshop.

If you have any questions about the mark, please contact Sarah Christian, Manager Governance & Policy, or Katrina Shanks, CEO, Or call us on 0800 432 101