Trusted Adviser designation update

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Congratulations to the advisers below who are the first to be awarded the Financial Advice NZ Trusted Adviser designation.

The Trusted Adviser designation is awarded to those Financial Advice NZ members who show they have committed to qualifications and continuing professional development obligations at a level higher than that required by New Zealand law and code.  Along with those advisers that have already gained our highest designations of CLUCM and CFPCM, those with the Trusted Adviser designation can use this mark to differentiate themselves in the market.

Applications are open now. Once you have been awarded the Trusted Adviser mark you can use the designation immediately.  Join these advisers by reviewing the criteria and applying today .

Current members who have been awarded the Trusted Adviser designation
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You can search by location or surname, or area of advice – or a mix of all.

Region Codes: 01 Wellington/Wairarapa, 03 Auckland, 04 Auckland North/Northland, 06 Canterbury, 07 Gisborne/Hawkes Bay, 08 Nelson/Malborough/West Coast, 09 Otago/Southland, 10 Taranaki/Manawatu, 11 Waikato/BOP

Areas of advice Codes: 01 Budgeting, 02 Business Risk, 03 Cash Management, 04 Debt Management, 05 Direct Investment, 06 Estate Planning, 07 Financial Planning, 08 Home Equity, 09 Insurance F&G, 10 Insurance Personal Risk, 11 Investment, 12 Health Insurance, 13 KiwiSaver / Retirement, 14 Managed Funds, 15 Mortgages, 16 Tax, 17 UK Pensions

Designation Key;

There are also a number of RFAs and new member AFAs whose application is pending, awaiting completion of the ethics workshop.

If you have any questions about the mark, please contact Katrina Shanks, CEO, Or call us on 0800 432 101