Helping New Zealanders Thrive

Financial Advice New Zealand was founded with a big vision:
To help New Zealanders – and New Zealand as a whole – be financially better-off.

We’re here to encourage New Zealanders to benefit from quality financial advice: to thrive and live the lives they aspire to.

Lofty? We don’t think so. You see, we know something that too few people do – which we intend to change. There’s a group of New Zealanders that we represent – quality advisers – who regularly, every day even, help their clients reach goals and create a better financial future.

Our story has two stars – New Zealanders and financial advisers.

For New Zealanders, you can count on us to make your interests the priority in any initiative, change or discussion. You can count on us to be the voice for quality advice; to support quality advisers; and to make a stand when your interests could be better served.

For advisers, you can count on us to champion the role of quality advice, and you – the individual that helps New Zealanders thrive. You can count on us to invigorate pride and trust in your profession, and to foster widespread awareness of the value you offer.

The most essential element of financial well being is quality financial advice. By helping advisers do what they do best, and helping more New Zealanders access quality advice, together we’ll help New Zealand be financially better off.