Insurance Marketing Toolbox

Exclusive to Financial Advice members, we are proud to present the 2020 Insurance Marketing Toolbox. This range of blog posts, videos and images were created to provide members with free material to customise and use for their own business promotion.

Financial Advice New Zealand will also use this material on social media to direct people to the Find a Member section of the website.

A small sample of the images and videos are provided below.

How to access the Toolbox

To review and download the full Toolbox, login to the Members Area of the website and select Member Benefits & Resources then Marketing Material or email for a link to download the complete digital toolbox.

Sample Facebook promotions

Customise these ads for your own business Facebook page and either have them click through to your home page or to articles we can provide. Login to see more examples and to download the articles and images.












Sample video 

Login to the members area to view the four videos.

Sample ads for eMarketing

These ads are great for use as web banners, blog ads or in your eNewsletters. They are available as JPG static images, or GIF Animated Images. Link them to your own web content, or to articles provided by us. Login to the members section to see all 31 banners.









For more information on anything related to the Insurance Marketing Toolbox contact:
Financial Advice New Zealand- or call on 0800 432 101