In the world of financial services, excellence is not just a goal, but a standard upheld by those who go above and beyond in their dedication, hard work, and impact. At Financial Advice New Zealand, we take pride in recognising individuals who exemplify this spirit of excellence and inspire others with their remarkable achievements.

Last week, at our 2024 THRIVE conference we had the following four awards to announce: Tate Scholarship, Financial Literacy Advocacy Award, Community Impact Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award.

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on four outstanding individuals who have shown an incredible commitment to excellence and made outstanding contributions to the industry.

David Whyte – Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award

David Whyte was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Financial Advice New Zealand Conference. Consumers, regulators, and legislators receive a more effective message through the collective voice of the association, and David has been a strong advocate for our professional body and is a member of Financial Advice New Zealand.

David Whyte has contributed to the financial advice profession for over 35 years, and currently holds several board positions, both in and outside of the sector, including chairing the Board for Strategi and Kiwi Advice Network. He is also a member of the Financial Dispute Resolution Advisory Council. His leadership and dedication have had an enormously positive impact on the sector and this award recognises the significant contribution David has made to the profession. Thank you, David.

Stephen Redwood – Winner of the Tate Scholarship

The winner of the Tate Scholarship was announced and presented to Stephen Redwood, Personal Investment Centre. This award is given to a financial adviser professional who achieved the Certified Financial Planning certification at the highest level. Certified Financial Planning cm is an international accreditation that represents the highest level of achievement within the financial planning profession. Stephen commented “It was a process that has added a huge amount to what we do. It is a lot of hard work (to obtain the accreditation) but well worth it.”

William Tieu – Winner of the Financial Advice New Zealand Literacy Advocacy Award

William is a mortgage adviser with Goldsmith Mortgages who saw a gap in financial literacy and the need for tailored guidance. He empowers individuals through accessible online content and fosters financial literacy that extends beyond immediate clients to benefit their families, friends, and colleagues. His ultimate goal is to create a financially literate community capable of making sound decisions for a secure future. While William’s primary focus is mortgages, he addresses broader financial challenges, especially during economic fluctuations. “I believe in providing a solid foundation through first principles on social media, emphasizing budgeting, deposit-saving, property leveraging, and understanding their own individual financial position” says Willliam. In response to the limitations imposed by pandemic lockdowns, he utilised video calls and expanded his reach through social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Establishing a robust online presence enabled William to connect with a wider audience, amassing 92k TikTok followers and over 1.6k Instagram followers of all ages. His strategy goes beyond individual empowerment, it contributes to the collective financial well-being of the country. Educated individuals make informed decisions, reducing societal and financial dependence.

“In my past career as a Civil Engineer, I built pipelines, and bridges and solved mathematical problems. This is very similar to financial advisers. Both professions aim to assist our clients in solving the problems they face and to guide them through the process.”

Tim Fairbrother – Winner of the Financial Advice New Zealand Community Impact Award

The Community Impact Award recognises a financial adviser for the positive change, inclusiveness, and connection they bring to the community they live in. Tim Fairbrother’s commitment has been significant to the Wairarapa community.

Tim and the team at RIVAL Wealth have a firm belief that the driving force behind business success isn’t just financial advice, it’s people and growing the community. That’s why they are always looking for new ways to give back to our communities. RIVAL Wealth RIVAL Wealth is currently involved in many sponsorships; from supporting local sports teams, and charity auctions. Some include the Hospice Car, Wairarapa College 1st XI Cricket team, Wairarapa Women’s Rugby team, Pasia Manesa Te Awhina Cameron House and the Masterton Foodbank, to name just a few.

The Wairarapa was affected by Cyclone Gabrielle, Tim Fairbrother was asked as an independent business adviser, due to his community-focused business and financial management reputation, to sit on the board to distribute the Wairarapa Mayoral Fund. His priority was getting it to those in need fast. From this Tim was asked to sit on the Wairarapa Economic Development Strategy Forum as the Commercial Representative, with the 3 Mayors and CEOs of the Wairarapa Councils, MBIE, Iwi, and Destination Wairarapa to make strategic and long-term decisions on infrastructure and growth for the wider region.

RIVAL Wealth has also set up a low-fee investment vehicle for charities and community organisations. After Covid, the Wairarapa Cancer Society had a financial shortfall as they couldn’t hold Daffodil Day and other major events. An idea sparked, and the whole team at RIVAL Wealth was onboard and worked together to create an evening auction event to bring together clients, local businesses, and the wider community to raise funds. In one night, $40,000 was raised and donated to the local chapter, which is dedicated to helping folks in the Wairarapa region.

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