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Life Insurance Mistakes

Life insurance is about protecting you and your family financially so if someone passes away unexpectedly, money concerns will be the last thing anyone has to worry about. Which is the way it should be at such a difficult time but, like anything important, mistakes can be made.   The perfect way to go – super old, wonderfully wrinkly and surrounded by family and friends. Perhaps even sharing a joke although death is near, knowing you are financially secure and your passing won’t cause money headaches for loved ones. Some people are that lucky, but we can’t count on such a...

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Disability Insurance Mistakes

Disability insurance is a complex area with a number of separate but interrelated products and options. Getting your disability insurance cover wrong can be costly and means you don’t have the right cover at the right time. In this article, we look at some of the common mistakes. ‘Able’. It’s a word we hear all the time and it’s a seemingly simple word. When it applies to you it means you are ‘able’ to do what you need to do to carry on with everyday life with little stress. You are ‘able’ to work and pay your bills. But add a...

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Health Insurance Mistakes

Understanding health insurance options and what’s important helps you get cost-effective cover that works in conjunction with New Zealand’s very good public health system. Health is one of those things easily taken for granted, when you are well of course. There’s a saying by Thomas Fuller – ‘Health is not valued till sickness comes.’ And the person who goes by the name of Anonymous (yes, that famous guy/gal!) and churns out expressions has said ‘he who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not’ and ‘the greatest wealth is health’. That Anonymous is pretty wise because when...

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Now & Then

There are those people who save nothing, live paycheck-to-paycheck and never plan ahead for their future financial well-being. And then there are those people who are frugal to a fault and never spend any money or enjoy themselves.

For the rest of us, we are constantly trying to strike a balance between enjoying life now and ensuring we have the resources to enjoy life later.

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