Good Advice

Insurance is cheapest, easiest and best

We all know that bad news sells and the media seems to love stories from dissatisfied customers when it comes to their insurance policies. We thought that providing some insight into what choices are out there would give some guidance to anyone considering taking out insurance or reviewing what they already have.

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International Tax is a Minefield

International tax is a minefield. Many unsuspecting, well-intentioned migrants arrive in New Zealand, work hard to build a new life, have PAYE deducted from their income, only to find out via Inland Revenue (IRD) audit that they have significant amounts of additional tax to pay. It doesn’t stop there, IRD then adds penalties and interest to that tax, and the amount can quickly escalate.

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How much do you know about your KiwiSaver scheme?

To date, more than 2.6 million Kiwis are enrolled in the fund, with over $35 billion already invested and growing at a rate of $3b per quarter. But it seems that many people are still unsure of how much money they will need for retirement. Nor do they know what fund they’re invested in, or whether it’s an appropriate fund for their stage of life.

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