Financial Advice New Zealand is pleased to announce the appointment of Katrina Shanks as the CEO of the new association.

“We set out with a very particular set of required attributes and experience for this important role. Above all, we searched for the person who can best deliver on the objectives the founding bodies set for us – advocacy, promotion and standards,” said Sue Brown, Chair, Financial Advice New Zealand.

“Looking forward, the advice industry faces new challenges, new opportunities, and considerable change: Katrina brings a unique combination of experience and expertise to navigate that change, deliver on our key objectives and create a thriving environment for members and for financial advice.”

“Katrina has a deep understanding of the legislative process and how to influence policy development, drawn from her experience as a two-term Member of Parliament. During that time, she chaired Select Committees and was a member of the Commerce Select Committee. And among many achievements during her four years as the CEO of the Funeral Directors Association, Katrina created unprecedented public awareness for the association and its members – constantly in the media talking with Kiwis about important issues and raising profile for members.”

As well as her considerable experience leading a membership body, working with regulatory change and creating public awareness, Katrina has spent much of her career in financial services. A Chartered Accountant by trade, Katrina owned her own small accountancy business for seven years, after which she was the Financial Controller for the National Party. And as the CEO of the Funeral Directors Association, Katrina oversaw the significant Funeral Trust.

“I want to say how grateful we are to the CEOs of the founding bodies – Rod Severn and Fred Dodds – for their untiring dedication, passion and guidance in bringing Financial Advice New Zealand to life,” says Sue.

“We are also delighted that Rod and Fred will continue working with Financial Advice New Zealand to facilitate and support the transition process. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their invaluable contribution not only to the new association, but to the financial advice profession as a whole.”

Katrina will start her role as CEO of Financial Advice New Zealand on 5 June 2018. Commenting on her appointment, Katrina said:

“The CEO role for Financial Advice New Zealand is a privilege: a role that will be instrumental in forging a thriving environment for members and advice as a whole, so that more New Zealanders can benefit from quality advice.”

“As the industry knows, advisers make a real and positive difference in the lives of Kiwis: Good advice creates financial well-being, and financial well-being creates freedom. And ultimately, this is what New Zealanders strive for.”

“There has never been a greater opportunity to realise the true potential of financial advice for all New Zealanders. For me, that means putting my parliamentary, association-leadership and financial services expertise to work in advocating for our members; building public confidence and trust; raising the profile of advice and of our members; and of course creating a strong, unified voice for advice in regulatory change.”

“Once again, this role is a real privilege and I very much look forward to getting underway, meeting and talking with our members, and leading a proactive association that makes a real difference.”