Tate Scholarship

Financial Advice NZ is excited to offer a scholarship for the top new CFPCM professional. The Tate Scholarship recognises the commitment of financial advisers in obtaining qualifications and continuing professional development at the highest pinnacle mark of a CFP professional.

CFP professionals meet rigorous education and training standards, and are committed to serving their clients’ best interests today to prepare them for a more secure tomorrow. To encourage and support advisers in achieving this standard of excellence, the Tate Scholarship of $5,000 will be awarded to an adviser who has been granted CFP certification.

The scholarship programme will run for five years, with the first scholarship awarded on the 16th of November 2021 at the Financial Advice NZ Gala Dinner and Awards Night in Wellington. All CFP professionals are eligible for the Tate Scholarship in the year they have been granted CFP certification.

Financial Advice NZ would like to thank Nigel Tate of Nigel Tate Financial Planning for this generous scholarship. Nigel, a CFP professional himself, is committed to the highest professional standards in financial advice. He works hard for the profession and is an advocate for the future of quality financial advice in New Zealand.

Tate Scholarship eligibility criteria

The Tate Scholarship programme will run for five years and will be awarded to the top new CFP professional each year, taking into account academic results and the final case study assessment. To be eligible for the scholarship, those who have received CFP certification must:

– be a member of Financial Advice NZ;
– have been awarded the CFP mark by Financial Advice NZ in the particular year of the award; and
– not have held the CFP mark previously.

Interested in becoming a CFP Professional?

Do you have or are you working towards a Post-Graduate Diploma or Undergraduate Degree with a major in Personal Financial Planning? Have you considered becoming a CFP professional? The CFP mark is one of Financial Advice NZ’s Pinnacle Marks. If you would like to understand more about becoming a CFP professional, or would like to take the first steps by registering to join the Pinnacle Mark Pathway programme, please register your interest  in the form below.