Reasons to Join

Why join Financial Advice New Zealand

There are many compelling reasons to join Financial Advice New Zealand, but perhaps the most important are:

1. Evidence of a commitment to professionalism. By becoming a member of Financial Advice New Zealand you are making a statement to your clients and prospective clients that you are a professional.

2. Driving awareness of the value of advice. As a member of Financial Advice New Zealand, you’ll be represented by an association that proactively engages with the public - through the media and other channels - to prompt discussion about important issues, lift the profile of advice, and drive awareness of the important role our members play in helping Kiwis thrive.

3. A mechanism through which to differentiate your business. Becoming a member of a professional body is one of the mechanisms through which you can differentiate your practice: It makes a statement to prospective clients about who you are and the standards you adhere to.

4. Professional development programmes. Being a professional implies a commitment to ongoing training and education to ensure you have the competence knowledge and skill to provide good advice to your clients. As a member of Financial Advice New Zealand you’ll have access to high quality CPD programmes delivered face-to-face and online, best practice tools and services, and discounted educational programmes.

5. Keeping up-to-date with regulation and compliance. Our world is changing and regulation will significantly impact every adviser in New Zealand. Financial Advice New Zealand works with members to ensure they understand their regulatory obligations and provides access to education, training and best practice tools to meet those obligations.

6. A desire to influence the direction of the profession.Financial Advice New Zealand is dedicated to influencing policy, to achieve quality outcomes for New Zealanders and a framework that best supports our members in providing quality advice. If want to play an active role in shaping the future of your profession, Financial Advice New Zealand is for you.

7. Professional credentials. Our pinnacle marks (Certified Financial Planner and Certified Life Underwriter) are recognised as benchmarks of professionalism for the advice sector around the world. Additionally, we are launching a quality service mark in 2019, which will help you to evidence your professional credentials.

8. Professional networking opportunities. Our National Advisers Conference is the biggest event of its kind for New Zealand advisers. In addition, we run professional development days, regional events and opportunities to network with different communities within our sector and further afield.


Together, we’ll build public confidence and trust in financial advice. Our members will be known as trusted advisers, committed to quality standards and advice.


We’re your voice and advocate. We’re dedicated to a fundamental goal: to build the best framework that supports you in providing quality advice to more New Zealanders.


Through both promotion and public discussion, we’ll actively and consistently drive awareness of the value of advice and the role our members play in helping Kiwis thrive.

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