Notice of Annual General Meeting – 2020

Financial Advice New Zealand members are formally notified that Financial Advice New Zealand’s 3rd Annual General Meeting will be held as follows:

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Date:               Tuesday 13th October 2020
Time:               2.00pm – 3.30pm
Venue:             Online via Zoom (Register to receive the Zoom link here)

Items of Business
1.         Welcome
2.         Apologies
3.         Call for General Business
4.         Minutes of Annual General Meeting 21st August 2019
5.         Presentation of the Annual Report
6.         Presentation of the 2019-20 Financial Statements
7.         Board composition
8.         Board resolutions (full details here)

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Resolution 1 – Appointment of Independent Director(s)
Resolution 2 – Directors’ Remuneration
Resolution 3 – Appointment of Accountant to review the Financial Statements

9.         Announcement of election results and election of the Practitioner Director Risk
10.       General Business

Appointment of Returning Officer
The Constitution (clause 17.6) provides that Members shall be entitled to attend, vote or provide a proxy in a manner that is at the discretion of the Returning Officer. The Board appoints the Returning Officer for each meeting and has appointed Katrina Shanks CEO as the Returning Officer for this meeting.

Voting for Practitioner Director Risk – Opened 11 September, closes 9am 13th October
To enable and encourage as many members as possible to exercise their right to vote for Practitioner Directors, the Returning Officer has determined the voting for the Practitioner Director Risk vacancy on the Financial Advice New Zealand Board opened on Friday 11th September 2020 and close at 9am on Tuesday 13th October 2020, the morning of the AGM. This allows enough time for the votes to be validated, counted and for the successful Practitioner Director to be officially announced at the AGM. This pre-AGM online voting replaces voting for the Practitioner Director at the AGM and is not in addition to it.

The Returning Officer has determined that every Practitioner Member, Life Member, Inactive Member and Fellow Member may vote once. No Member is entitled to vote unless that member has paid all amounts then due by him or her to the Association. To provide a valid vote you will need to enter your Member details including your name and member number (email

The Practitioner Director Nominees are:
• Gavin Busch
• Garth Clarricoats
• Cecilia Farrow
• Warwick Hansen
• Jason Kilworth

Nominees’ photos, bios and videos in support of their nomination are available here.

AGM Attendance and voting 
The Returning Officer has determined that every Practitioner Member, Life Member, Inactive Member and Fellow Member may attend the AGM online or by proxy and each Member attending has one vote. No Member is entitled to vote by any means unless he or she has paid all amounts then due by him or her to the Association. Retired Members, Associates, Corporate Associate representatives and guests may attend the meeting but have no voting rights.

Proxy Form 
If you wish to appoint a proxy, please complete this Proxy Form and return it to no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the meeting. Please note; any Member attending online can carry one proxy vote on behalf of another Member.

If you cannot attend the AGM and would like to submit your apology to the meeting, please fill in this online apology form.

Online registration of your intention to attend the zoom meeting is now open. Upon registration, a meeting link and calendar invite will be emailed to you.

If members have questions regarding the Annual General Meeting please contact Katrina Shanks on 021 474 010 or Sarah Christian, Manager Governance & Policy

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