Notice of Annual General Meeting – 2019

Financial Advice New Zealand members are formally notified that Financial Advice New Zealand’s 2nd Annual General Meeting will be held as follows:

Date:                Wednesday 21st August 2019 
Time:                2.00pm
Venue:             SkyCity Convention Centre, 88 Federal St, Auckland

and Onlineregister here

Items of Business
1.         Welcome
2.         Apologies
3.         Call for General Business
4.         Minutes of Annual General Meeting 27 September 2018
5.         Presentation of the Annual Report
6.         Presentation of the 2018-19 Financial Statements
7.         Board composition
8.         Board resolutions
9.         Announcement of Board election results and confirmation of the 2019-2020 Independent Director appointments
10.      Appointment of Auditor 2020
11.      General Business

Registration will open 30 minutes before the start time.

Any member who wants to suggest an item of General Business for discussion should send details to the Board c/o by 19th August 2019.

Members are invited to join the Board for light refreshments following the meeting. RSVP for administration and catering purposes, please contact Belinda Armstrong on

If members have questions regarding the Annual General Meeting please contact Katrina Shanks directly on 021 474 010 or

Members may attend the meeting in person, by proxy (see below) or by live stream.

Appointment of Proxy Form
The Constitution (clause 17.6) provides that Members shall be entitled to attend, vote or provide a proxy in a manner that is at the discretion of the Returning Officer. The Board appoints the Returning Officer for each meeting and has appointed Katrina Shanks as the Returning Officer for this meeting.

The Returning Officer has determined that every Practitioner Member, Life Member and Fellow Member may attend in person, by live streaming or by proxy (if applicable) and each Member attending has one vote.

No Member is entitled to vote by any means unless he or she has paid all amounts then due by him or her to the Association. Associates may attend the meeting but have no voting rights.

If you wish to appoint a proxy, please complete the attached Proxy Form and return it to no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the meeting. Please note; any Member attending in person can carry one proxy vote on behalf of another Member.

Online attendance of the AGM – Pre-register now
If you cannot attend the AGM in person you can register to attend on-line via Live Stream. All members who pre-register and then confirm their presence via Live Streaming will be noted on the minutes as AGM attendees.

The intention is that members who have pre-registered as an on-line attendee can also vote at the meeting, however we acknowledge there may be technology issues, at your end or ours, affecting one, more or even all online attendees from voting or perhaps even viewing the AGM.

During pre-registration you will be asked to acknowledge the following; I accept the risk that my vote may not be received, and if my vote is not received by Financial Advice NZ for whatever reason, it will not count and that the inability to vote online does not void an otherwise valid motion.

Click here to pre-register – if applicable you will be sent a unique code allowing you to access online voting.

Click here for a Proxy Form

Click here to download the Board Resolutions 

Click here to register for live streaming of the meeting