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Monday 15 November

1500 – AGM

1630 – Masterclass – Join other CFPCM professionals in a Masterclass on Tax. This Masterclass will focus on:

FIF vs PIE. – This presentation will look at FIF and PIE from a financial & investment planning perspective. This is important when clients can now be paying 39% tax. The other considerations such as owning a PIE investment in a Trust and the trust having losses – is the tax deducted at source in a PIE able to be offset against trust losses. This session will look at the best tax planning for clients but taking into consideration pros and cons of certain type of FIF/PIE investments under different ownership structures.

Tax changes to property ownership.  This presentation will focus on rental properties for investment purposes. It will consider the new and proposed rules, whether to still buy a rent for investment purposes (income & gain) with & without debt to purchase the property  and also other factors such as new builds, new Brightline tests, introduction of reducing offset of interest against personal income.
Masterclass is designed to extend your thinking and provide you with technical knowledge to ensure you are abreast of all the changes which impact on your professional advice. Join your colleagues at this annual masterclass.


Tuesday 16 November

0900 – Hon. David Clark: Minister of Commerce & Consumer Affairs, the Digital Economy & Communications, State Owned Enterprises, and Statistics, Minister Responsible for the Earthquake Commission. 
David Clark will open the conference and provide the delegates with his vision for the financial services sector and an update on how the new regime is operating. There will be time to ask him questions from the conference floor.

0930 – Keynote – Future Crunch, Dr Angus Hervey & Tane Hunter, Australia (in person)
Topic: The Great Transformation – A rollercoaster tour across the frontiers of technological disruption.
Connectivity, digital disruption, machine learning and artificial intelligence, intuitive computing, automation, additive manufacturing, decarbonization, regeneration, gene-editing, synthetic biology, brain-machine interfacing. Each of these are transformative in their own right. Together, they’re a roaring tornado sweeping across the global economy. History is full of tumultuous moments like this, inflection points that represent a gateway between one world and the next. There are different names, different ideas, for what lies on the other side. “The fourth industrial revolution” or “the next economy” For us, it’s even bigger. We call it “The Great Transformation” – a once in 100-year upheaval in every industry at once.

Understanding the drivers of this transformation is essential for any organisation wishing to navigate the rapidly changing operating environment of the 21st century. Audiences will come away from this talk with the ability to think clearly and critically about technological disruption – a skill that’s particularly relevant for leaders who wish to maintain a strategic advantage and protect their organisations against competitors looking to do the same.

1030 – Morning Tea

1100 – Sharon Zollner, ANZ Economist
Topic: The New Zealand Economy.
New Zealand has the 52nd largest national economy in the world. What can we expect in the future? Will our economy be impacted by the global markets and the predicted recovery in the US? What is the effect of the current policy levers especially for the property market, interest rates, and inflation.

1130 – Chair/CEO update

1200 – Launch of the 2021 Retirement Expenditure Guidelines This report assists pre-retirement New Zealanders make financial plans for their retirement. The Retirement Expenditure Guidelines provide information about actual levels of expenditure by New Zealanders who have already retired. Pre-retirees can use this information to plan budgets for their desired future retirement lifestyle, to provide a foundation from which to determine the savings they need to achieve their retirement objectives.

1230 – Lunch / Fireside chat

1330 – Mykel Dixon, Transformational Speaker, Australia (in person)
Topic: Black Sheep Rising – How to win at work (and life) by breaking all the rules.
When did work get so … boring. Compliance, regulation, assessment. Don’t step on the grass, don’t colour outside the lines, don’t speak unless you’re spoken to. Is it any wonder we’re in the midst of a global Creativity Crisis? We’re all so focused on filling in, ticking boxes and getting approved that we’ve lost our ability to express ourselves. If we’re to meet the pace of change, deliver unique value, and build workplaces that ignite the full potential of our people, we need to shake the tree.

Reimagine the way we work with each other and for our customers. Organisations today need more risk-takers, rule-breakers and mischief makers and leaders unafraid of stepping on a few toes, ruffling a few feathers, and building something beautiful beyond the bottom line.

In this keynote, Mykel Dixon inspires audiences to find and follow the black sheep that lives in all of us, giving them tools to bend and break rules, igniting passion, curiosity and courage that will in turn push their company to new levels of performance.

1430 – 1655 – Lightning sessions
In this fast-paced session we will have five leaders provide a snapshot of their leadership, business success and challenges, and their vision for the future. These sessions will be a mixture of interviews or presentation for 20 minutes and then there will be an opportunity for questions.

Joining us we have:
         – Ben Teusse, CEO, Habit Health. 
         – Sam Johnson, Student Army – Building Movements That Matter.
         – Sonya Williams, Co-Founder, Director and 3EO of Sharesies
         – Simon White, General Manager Hotel Operations New Zealand at Event.
         – Steven Korner, Co founder & CEO at Method Recycling

1655 – Conference Close

1930 – Gala Dinner & Awards Night


Wednesday 17 November

0900 – Welcome – Andrew Patterson

0905 – Keynote – Matt Church, Motivational Speaker and Leadership Expert, Australia (in-person)
Topic: Amplifiers – The Power of Motivational Leadership to Inspire and Influence

Organisations that succeed have leaders and teams that are inspired by what they do and what their work stands for. Matt Church unpacks the process by which transformational leaders can amplify their impact, productivity, creativity, and results. Your amplified leaders will become masters of maximising human potential and developing other great leaders among their colleagues. This presentation will show your leadership teams how to:

          – master the essential communication tools for making an impact
          – bring out the best in people and maximise their impact
          – employ positive tactics that inspire others to achieve the unimaginable
          – create work worth doing and cultures worth belonging to
          – become leaders worth following.

1030 – Morning Tea

1100 – Business Session 1 – John Spence, Global Business Expert and Executive Coach, USA (via Zoom)
Topic: Delivering Consistently Superior Customer Service

In a world where consumers can buy basically the same product, at the same or lower price, from dozens of different businesses, ensuring they have a wonderful customer experience is critical to the success of every organisation. John Spence will cover specific ideas and tools the audience can use to dramatically increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customer service isn’t just about being courteous to your customers – it’s a vital element of business operations that can impact your bottom line and affect how your company is viewed in the public eye. Topics include:

          – owning the voice of the customer
          – understanding the concept of “Moments Of Truth”
          – the five levels of customer satisfaction
          – approaching customer service as a craft
          – how to turn customers into customer evangelists that become a referral engine driving business to your company
          – the importance of providing excellent service for your internal customers

1100 – Business Session 2 – Michael Kitces, Chief Financial Planning Nerd, Kitces.com, USA (via Zoom)
Topic: Applying Behavioural Finance in Your Financial Planning Practice
The standard economics assumption is human beings make rational decisions who have utilised their resources to obtain their goals. However, when it comes to investing, behavioural finance research finds human beings engage in shortcuts that can lead to a series of persistent, systematic biases when making decisions. Once you understand behavioural finance you will be able to understand the drivers of your clients’ decisions and be able to address them to obtain increased financial health, wealth and wellbeing for them.

1100 – Business Session 3 – Michael Henderson, Business Culture Subject Matter Expert, New Zealand
Topic: Ferocious Creating a High-Performance Team Culture

Make no mistake about cultures at work in your business. The question is, does your culture work for or against your business objectives? 
To answer this question you first have to understand what culture is and what it does.  Business culture expert Michael Henderson has supervised over 300 company culture transformations around the world and will show you how to;

          1. Understand what culture actually is and what it delivers to your business. 
          2. Determine if your current culture is eating your business strategy for breakfast?
          3. Learn how to align your company/team culture to succeed.
          4. Avoid the biggest mistake hundreds of organisations make with their culture.

1150 – Business Session 4 – John Spence, Global Business Expert and Executive Coach, USA (via Zoom) – Repeated Session 
Topic: Delivering Consistently Superior Customer Service

1150 – Business Session 5 – Prof Paul Spoonley, Demographer, former Pro Vice-​Chancellor of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University
Topic: Demographic change and the impact on the future face of New Zealand
Our five million-strong population is riding a wave of unprecedented social change and population change  – from plummeting birth rates and a burgeoning number of older people to Auckland’s surge as an ethnically diverse supercity. This will impact on the goods and services that will be required in the future due to the changing cultural needs and the impacts of an aged population.

This session will provide you with a look at your future customer base and give you up-to-date information to allow you to assess what your business will need to look like in the future in order to be relevant in this changing world..

1150 – Business Session 6 – Michael Henderson, Business Culture Subject Matter Expert, New Zealand – Repeated Session
Topic: Ferocious Creating a High-Performance Team Culture

1230 – Lunch / Fireside chat

1330 – Tools for You Session 1 – Chelsea Lane, Golden State Warriors Team’s head performance therapist

1330 – Tools for You Session 2 – Dr Sven Hansen, MBChB, MBA
Topic: Bounce Forward Fast – How resilience fails and how to bounce forward fast

Inspire, educate and entertain. Sven will deliver real skills to help people transform their lives and their work. Life and work are better when we can bounce, grow, connect and find flow. He explains both the theory and practices to build physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  Participants will learn practical tips to make a meaningful difference to their lives and their work.

         1. Resilience in adversity – bounce, grow, connect, and flow
         2. Recognise how resilience fails and the associated mental health risk
         3. How to bounce fast and with skill and confidence – and repeat
         4. Using adversity to stimulate growth and connection

1425 – Tools for You Session 3 – Dr Sarah Ferguson
Goals that you actually want: clarity on what really matters, eliminating what doesn’t
Does what you spend time on daily excite or fulfill you? Without clarity on what  really matters, the urgent can overrun the important. In this session you will: uncover your key values and how to implement related habits, review techniques to streamline tasks where possible, and thus carve out time for the goals that you actually want. It may sound simple, but you’ll find it takes laser-focus to accomplish.

1425 – Tools for You Session 4 – Dr Sven Hansen, MBChB, MBA
Topic: Check body, check emotion, check mind – How to be fully present and engaged when it matters

Inspire, educate and entertain. Sven will deliver real skills to help people transform their lives and their work. Life and work are better when we can bounce, grow, connect and find flow. He explains both the theory and practices to build physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  Participants will learn practical tips to make a meaningful difference to their lives and their work.

         1. Situational awareness in body, emotion and mind
         2. Mastering tactical calm and focus under pressure
         3. Situational agility: name, tame and reframe thoughts and feelings
         4. Stepping into the flow the state and optimal performance

1515 – Keynote – Dr Siouxsie Wiles, New Zealander of the Year
Dr Siouxsie Wiles MNZM is an award-winning scientist who has made a career of manipulating microbes.  Her day job is university lecturer and head of the Bioluminescent Superbugs Lab where she and her team make nasty bacteria glow in the dark to find new medicines. But Siouxsie also has a passion for demystifying science, and she was doing this long before the pandemic. So much so that in 2019 she was appointed a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to microbiology and science communication.

When the pandemic arrived, Siouxsie joined forces with Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris to make the science of the pandemic clear and understandable. Their graphics have been translated into multiple languages and adapted by various governments and organisations.

In her presentation, Siouxsie will reflect on what she’s learned about COVID-19, science communication, and leadership during this extraordinary time in our lives.

1600 – Conference Close



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