John Spence

 Global business expert and executive coach, USA (via Zoom)

John Spense

Topic: Delivering Consistently Superior Customer Service

In a world where consumers can buy basically the same product, at the same or lower price, from dozens of different businesses, ensuring they have a wonderful customer experience is critical to the success of every organisation. John Spence will cover specific ideas and tools the audience can use to dramatically increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customer service isn’t just about being courteous to your customers – it’s a vital element of business operations that can impact your bottom line and affect how your company is viewed in the public eye. Topics include:

– owning the voice of the customer
– understanding the concept of “Moments Of Truth”
– the five levels of customer satisfaction
– approaching customer service as a craft
– how to turn customers into customer evangelists that become a referral engine driving business to your company
– the importance of providing excellent service for your internal customers

Michael Henderson

Business Culture Subject Matter Expert, New Zealand

Topic: Ferocious Creating a High-Performance Company Culture

Do you want to create a high-performance company culture for your organisation? If you do, you need a dose of Ferocious! This is a haka-like presenbtation that asks its audience to stand up and face the challenges of the modern business world with a fire in the belly, clarity of thought, and a passionate commitment to all work better together to serve others!

This presentation is the ideal way to shift your organisational culture from its very core, your peoples’ heart. No more pessimism, say farewell to silo mentality, kiss goodbye to low staff engagement figures. Michael will cover:

– why company culture should be more important to employees than to the business
– why company culture belongs to the people who work at the organisation and not the business
– why a good company culture is as valuable as a second salary
– five things each person can do to contribute to a powerful high-performance, deeply fulfilling workplace culture.

Michael Kitces

Financial planning educator,
USA (via Zoom)

Michael Kitces

Topic: Applying Behavioural Finance in Principle

The standard economics assumption is human beings make rational decisions who have utilised their resources to obtain their goals. However, when it comes to investing, behavioural finance research finds human beings engage in shortcuts that can lead to a series of persistent, systematic biases when making decisions. Once you understand behavioural finance you will be able to understand the drivers of your clients’ decisions and be able to address them to obtain increased financial health, wealth and wellbeing for them.

Prof. Paul Spoonley

Demographer, former Pro Vice-​Chancellor of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University

Topic: Demographic change and the impact on the face of New Zealand

Our five million-strong population is riding a wave of unprecedented social change – from plummeting birth rates and a burgeoning number of older people to Auckland’s surge as an ethnically diverse supercity. This will impact on the goods and services that will be required in the future due to the changing cultural needs and the impacts of an aged population.

This session will provide you with a look at your future customer base and give you up-to-date information to allow you to assess what your business will need to look like in the future to be relevant in this changing world.

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