Business Session – Compliance

Scot Bailey

Scot has been in the Banking and Finance industry 28 years.  Having worked in the Bank and Non-Bank sectors, he has a strong background in lending, operations and business development.

Four years ago Scot returned to Westpac as a Business Development Manager continuing his passion supporting the mortgage adviser side of the business.  With a keen interest in ‘doing the right thing’ and wanting to see the financial services sector continue to grow and develop as a professional career for young people, Scot  accepted the opportunity to take on his new role at Westpac as Conduct Manager – Third Party Banking.

Business Session – Compliance

Other presenters

Come and hear what sector players have done (or have planned) to implement new and compliant advice-processes that meet the requirements of the legislative reforms and licenced regime. 

Angi Mann

Angi has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years, in various roles with lenders and insurance companies. Angi’s key responsibility is to ensure members are able to attain their CPD goal, by sourcing and offering learning and development opportunities across a range of topics and mediums. 

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Amanda Wolt

Amanda is a compliance advocate with a passion for driving excellence by developing a compliance culture within an organisation. Having worked in the finance industry in both New Zealand and Europe.


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Andrew Gunn


Andrew is the Learning & Development Manager at Financial Advice New Zealand. Andrew’s key responsibility is to assist members with achieving their continuing professional learning goals and facilitate member’s journey to the designations of CFPCM and CLUCM. 

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