The future of work – don’t worry about the robots

Hosted by Jo Cribb

Jo has researched, written and worked with groups on the changing world of work, the impact of technology and what that may mean for workplaces and individuals in the future. She will facilitate an interactive session sharing insights on the future of work from her research with successful business leaders. She will challenge the participants to think about their “digital future” and share key principles of how to survive and thrive in uncertainty.

Jo has a track record of developing and executing strategy, influencing decision makers and finding solutions to complex policy and organisational challenges.  She is an experienced Chief Executive, board director, strategist, gender and policy expert. She is regularly invited to speak at conferences, after dinner and at leadership events on issues of gender, diversity, the future of work, career advancement, leadership and governance. Jo is also the co-author of the book “Don’t worry about the robots – How to survive in the New World of Work”