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The First Rule of Personal Finance

by Ben Carlson Interest rates on almost everything have fallen since the onset of the financial crisis — long-term bonds, short-term bonds, fed funds, mortgages, car loans — pretty much anything with an interest rate attached to it. Well, everything except credit cards. The average credit card APR rose to it’s highest average ever in 2017 at around 16%. In some ways this makes sense. It’s an unsecured line of credit given out to borrowers with very little due diligence performed on their creditworthiness. But it’s also kind of crazy that as interest rates in nearly everything else have fallen, credit...

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Three ways to make up for a retirement savings shortfall

This article was originally published in “A Wealth of Common Sense” and is reproduced here with permission from the Author Ben Carlson The growing disparity between the haves and the have-nots in the United States means that while the top wealth-holders have more than enough money to do what they would like in retirement, a majority of Americans are massively underprepared for their non-working years. It may seem bleak for the large group of people who have little in the way of retirement savings but all is not lost. There are three main ways to ensure a better outcome in your...

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Under 40 and Broke!!

With increasing debt and falling home ownership among the under 40s, their financial prospects are less than rosy. If this trend is set to continue, young people are going to be needing financial advice more than ever to help them make the best choices for a secure future.

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