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KiwiBuild Update

KiwiBuild is a decade-long programme to deliver 100,000 modest, starter homes. It will take some time to ramp-up, but KiwiBuild initially plans to deliver 1,000 homes next year, 5,000 homes in 2020 and 10,000 in 2021. Some 43,000 people have registered an interest in the KiwiBuild programme. Following registration, the second stage of the programme is the pre-qualification process, which is open at People who wish to purchase a KiwiBuild home will be asked to complete an online application to determine if they are eligible to enter a ballot. Applicants will be required to submit their details alongside...

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Financial Planning – Destination ‘Me’

Knowing where you are financially, where you want to be, and how to get there: that’s the 101 of Financial Planning. And as well as giving you a roadmap to your financial future – lifestyle, security, and goals that you aspire to – Financial Planning is a powerful tool in building your financial resilience. We hope you find this quick summary a useful ‘thought-starter’. And of course, if you’d like to have a more detailed conversation specific to your personal needs, we welcome you to browse our member directory for a financial planning adviser near you. Financial planning is...

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Now & Then

There are those people who save nothing, live paycheck-to-paycheck and never plan ahead for their future financial well-being. And then there are those people who are frugal to a fault and never spend any money or enjoy themselves.

For the rest of us, we are constantly trying to strike a balance between enjoying life now and ensuring we have the resources to enjoy life later.

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